I Love NE Part 2

I took a few more pics of the I Love New England Exhibit of SAQA’s NH/VT/ME Region.  Enjoy!

Lobster Pot by Sharyn Raiche. web
Sharyn Lobster Pot by Sharyn Raiche
A Tidal Pool Tale by Sandra Betts. web
A Tidal Pool Tale by Sandra Betts
Tidal pool detail. Betts. web
Detail, Tidal Pool, Betts


Surf's Up by Sarah Carpenter. web
Surf’s Up by Sarah Carpenter
Detail. Surfs Up. Carpenter. web
Detail. Surfs Up. Carpenter.
Sarah Carpenter

 I have to say to any of you who have not been to a quilt show, there’s nothing like  seeing each one up close and in person!  Way better than what you can see online, so consider going to one!

2 thoughts on “I Love NE Part 2

  1. Yes, this is my secondary group and I became active in this one when my primary group, MA.RI, wasn’t doing anything much. Since then, a few new leaders have emerged and we’ve become a very healthy region. Our previous reps were overextended without any new reps standing up to relieve them but all’s well that ends well!


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