The Whistler, Part 2

More excellent textile quilts to finish up this exhibit:

After A Long Winter. Judi Ross. web
After A Long Winter by Judi Ross
Annabelle's Rose Garden web.
Annabelle’s Rose Garden by Ann Rebele
Secret Garden. Winter by Atara Halpern. web
Secret Garden. Winter by Atara Halpern
Secret Garden Detail 1. web
Secret Garden Detail 1
Cosmo Boogie web
Cosmo Boogie by Ellen Lindner
Bringing The Outside In. Wen Redmond.web
Bringing The Outside In by Wen Redmond
Tree Of Life by Marianne Williamson. web
Tree Of Life by Marianne Williamson
Echinoderm. Betty Busby. web
Echinoderm by Betty Busby
Bugs & Other Living Things. Pamela Allen.
Bugs & Other Living Things by Pamela Allen
Stand Your ground detail 1. web
Stand Your Ground Details by                         Maya SchonenbergerStand Your Ground. detail 3.j web Stand Your ground by Maya Schonenberger. detail. web

There were a couple of pics that didn’t come out well at all, so I’m linking to them for inclusion.

One of them is  Maya Schonenberg’s Stand Your Ground. I got the detail pics but not the whole quilt and hers was one of my favorites!

Another is Ruby Horansky’s Origins – definitely take a look!

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