A Look Back

I’ve been looking back to assess my work for this year and this is what I found! It’s not everything.  I have a good sized stack of UFOs I still need to have at it. I do believe I’ve accomplished the goals I set out to do last year: Build a body of work that has my voice instilled in it; submit to exhibits and yes, indeed,  I was accepted into one curated show and three juried shows!  The last goal is almost there.  My son Mark is working with me to start up a website – hooray!  This all adds up to a pretty happy artist ready to fully embrace 2015!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are some of the pieces I worked on this year that have been finished and either mounted or bound. That makes 20 finishes for 2013, but I’ll show you a few more tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. You are very prolific and wonderfully imaginative work, no wonder you images for the One Four Challenge are so interesting.


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