Day 4, Dyed Fabric

Today dyed fabric is the theme.


This summer I spent quite a bit of time outdoors making much of the fabric I’m using all winter. The first is a “sunprint” printed using Jacquard Solar Fast Dyes and various plants plucked from my yard.

6.22.SF. 2.web.

After taking a class with Kerr Grabowski in August, I came home and had a great time making fabric with deconstructed screen prints using ProChem MX Procion dyes.  This is one of my favorites.   I love these colors and can’t seem to stop using them!

DSP Hosta Leaves and Ferns web

Last year, I did my first batch of “shibori,” a Japanese method of tying and stitching fabric , then immersing it in dye to create distinctive patterns on cloth. I’ve almost used up all of these!   I have about 8 plus quilts in various stages of progress right now.

First Batch Shibori




Days 1, 2 and 3:

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