19 thoughts on “March One Four Challenge Week One

  1. Lovely original image. I wonder whether the sharpening and increased saturation could be lessened a little as the image on my screen seems a bit grainy now. But it could be my screen….


    1. The sharpening was not great, minimal actually.The original is pretty grainy. It’s a point and shoot digital so I have no control over shutter speed adjustments and such which is especially useful in such low light situations, but I work with what I have. Maybe there are some post editing tricks in PS I don’t know yet that could help?


  2. I like how the colour in the sky is reflected in the water and nice texture in the water. As a few people have commented it has a lot of noise in the image, it looks like colour noise. I havent used PS to remove it, as I tend to shoot very low ISO to minimise this problem while using a tripod so can’t help there but maybe a tutorial online?

    Otherwise I know a lot of people use special programs to remove noise but it can have the opposite problem of softening them too much. Nothing is easy!


  3. Oh this is fantastic … love how you edited this, it vibrates with colour … already a great photo btw, can’t wait to see where you’ll go from here.


  4. Ah Janis what a lovely view and those reflections are wonderful. The colour tones are very nice too.
    In camera raw, you could try lifting the luminance – this helps with noise, although I dont know if there any side effects. You find it under the triangle with sharpening.
    You could also try a trial of Topaz Denoise. Its very effective.
    Looking forward to the next ones 😃😃


  5. Thanks Robyn – I actually don’t understand about camera raw, if it exists in a point and shoot camera or how to find it, nevermind what to do with it! LOL! But I’ll check out Topaz Denoise right now!


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