March, One Four Challenge, Week Three


Week Three – Black & White



For Week three, I returned to the original image and created a B&W version. I simply tweaked the exposure and gamma and increased contrast & decreased brightness in PS CS3.  As usual, I played around with a variety of edits for hours until I finally settled on the simplest, quickest of them all.

You really don’t want to miss Robyn’s beautiful edit this week, so hop on over to her Captivate Me Blog!


14 thoughts on “March, One Four Challenge, Week Three

    1. Thanks Ben! I’ve been experimenting with noise reduction and I’m beginning to get a handle on what I can do, limited as it is with a point and shoot. I do like this edit, but I’m going to save up for Lightroom!


      1. Noise reduction is not as easy as it first sounds. The aim should never me to remove noise just make it less distracting. Once this is attained the noise that is left can add texture to the picture.


  1. I agree… striking in BW! I like all your editions this month Janis. This is a versatile image. Nice work.. and thank you for your lovely comment on my edition this week 😃🌸


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