One Four Challenge. March. Week 4

Swampscott Frost Sepia. web


I used PIC Monkey for the first time to process this edit. I didn’t keep track of all the steps I took this week but in Pic Monkey I used a Sepia tint and a Frost effect.

I don’t like how I embedded such a big signature into the pic but I’m not doing them over.  I’m experimenting with this since I’ve been reading so much about art theft online, so maybe next time it’ll be more discreet.

Robyn Gosby has a beautiful new edit for Week 4 !  Go on over to her Captivate Me Blog to check it out!


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16 thoughts on “One Four Challenge. March. Week 4

  1. I like them all! But if I had to pick, I think I’d pick week 1, I really like the blues in that one. 😀

    Out of curiosity, why didn’t you edit your original post with the tag rather than repost? Will it not register the new tag once it’s been posted?


      1. Oh, I was curious because it seems like a pain to have to repost when you forget a tag. Thanks for letting me know. 😀


  2. A lovely image this month Janis – theyre all lovely views!
    Not sure why but I find myself drawn to 4. The tones are lovely. Week 1 is also stunning. Very nice editions this month 😃


  3. I’ve loved all of these edits over the month but my favourite is week one’s. I adore the richness of the blues. Having said that, the abstract week 2 edit is gorgeous as well… 🙂


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