Seasonal Shifts In My Creative Cycle

Today I’m linking up again with Nina’s Off The Wall Friday.  You may want to see what she’s up to!

It’s the little things that add up to the most important leaps on the learning curve. The details that make for finesse. That make the difference between a committed professional and an amateur (not the amount of money one makes.) I’m coming to the end of my first season of eco-printing.  Although I’ve learned how to reduce the fumes indoors of the iron rich liquids, the cooking indoors is more than I want for much longer.  I just had to continue until I reached a satisfactory amount of progress in this process. Also, it’s just time to delve into making things with all the fabrics I’ve made since June.  Well, I’ve still been making things but it’s not been the focus of my efforts and it’s almost that time again.  It’s as if I had a day job and a night job, fabric production by day and assembly and sewing by night.

Cotton is the most difficult to succeed at in contact printing with natural plants.  But I could not afford to practice with the easier but more expensive silk.  So, most of what I’ve done has been cotton, including those I’m showing you now but I’m quite pleased with the latest batches, the colors are getting richer and the details more pronounced.

I started adding  a slight amount of madder sprinkled onto the overall layout. It’s barely perceptible here but it does add a bit of color intrigue.

Sumac. Madder.
Sumac with madder
3487 copy 2.
Mostly Oak Leaves

Because I’m gaining some control in the process,  compositions are better, more focused.

Various leaves, focus on rose leaves.
Detail, rose leaves

I have a large batch still waiting to be washed and I’m about to finish up and make the last run of eco-prints for the season. Not saying I won’t be doing any more at all but more on an as needed basis, or if my now strong addiction pulls me back into it for a fix!  LOL!  Same for screen prints and such.  So, after the next post or so, you’ll see more things being made into finished products. This is how my creative cycle has emerged as a seasonal process and I think I like it this way.  It suits my need to change things up, to keep doing different things so I don’t get bored. To get outdoors in good weather and to keep me going during the long winter.

Thanks to you all for staying with me and coming along with me for the ride!  It’s hard for me to believe this will be my 158th blog post on WordPress!  The act of documenting my journey has indeed helped me to pay attention and stay on course.  But your feedback energizes me – keeps me on my toes.  Acknowledgement is a great motivator – THANK YOU!

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