Family Stories-A Series Begun

This is a series of three so far, all 12 x12 on gallery wrapped canvas.  I’m not so crazy about the first one because I cut off my great grandmother’s head and it didn’t turn out very square – somehow it got stretched out.   I don’t actually know everyone in these photos but they were all part of the Family Collection that cam down from my mother and father. These are from the paternal side of the family.  So, they are mostly all relatives who did live nearby or in Montreal or greater Quebec. Some may be family friends or neighbors.

Family Stories 1.
Top left would be my uncle Roger in back, not sure who he’s with.  Roger died at 14 years.  Although he was in a car accident, he died of appenditis.  They were trying to figure out how he was injured but it turned out to be no injury at all. To his right on top is my great grandmother, “Mimi,” Rose Delima Caron. Underneath her in the center is my grandfather “Pa”, Leon Doucette, mechanic, on the right with a co-worker. Top right is my father, Paul Doucette and beneath him is my aunt “Sister,” who died as a child, not long after this picture was taken. I have no idea who is in the bottom left photo but he’s a photogenic lad with a good pose. Bottom center, my grandmother, Native Caron ii in between 2 other young women.  Again. I don’t know who the handsome three men on the right are, but they offset the 3 women nicely.

I did much better on the second one. I’m definitely happy with the combination of these old photos with my naturally dyed and printed fabric.

Family Stories 2.
Nativa Blanche Caron, my grandmother, quite a good looking young woman with a magnificent hat is on the left.  I know that it might have been about that time that she was making those hats.  Her father, Elzear Caron, the first to emigrate to this country as an empoyee of Goodyear Rubber Factory, with whom he was a union steward, is in the center. I’m guessing it’s probably one of his relatives to his right in her music room.

They might be getting better as I go along.  I hope so because I plan on doing some more.  Maybe quite a few more…

Family Stories 3.
The focal piece here is , I think, my great uncle Edward Caron, at least that’s what it says on the back of the picture. 1909, 11.5 months old.I always thought it was a girl but that’s not what it says.  Top right is  a young schoolgirl, Nativa again and beneath her, 2 of my father’s cousins on a small pony – Elzear and Paul Caron. Elzie died as a young man and Paul, “Ziggy” lived to be 89 years old and just left us last week, may he rest in peace with all those who went before him.

6 thoughts on “Family Stories-A Series Begun

  1. Those days, babies (both boys and girls) wore same kind of baby clothes so it’s no wonder you thought your great uncle was a girl.
    Nice work Janis. I like the way the ColorShare of the photographs blend nicely with your fabrics.


  2. Love what you are doing with the photos. We had a picture of my dad and his sister from late 19 teens – he was about 2-3 and his sister about 5. Dad had long dark ringlets and my auntie had short cropped hair. Mary Ann

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