One Four Challenge Feb.’16

First Real Snow '16 3. Post

Snow Trees Week 1

Back to the One Four Challenge!  I thought there was no way I could do this again at this time because I didn’t have enough time but I just found that it’s changed from monthly to quarterly so I know I can do this! Glad to be doing it again!  Unfortunately, I’m out of practice and didn’t keep track of everything I did so far.

Basically, though, I have 3 layers here.  One. saturated straightforward image with a Black& White layer on top.  Then another posterized color image over that with each successive layer adjusted with varying levels of opaqueness and translucence.

Snow Trees Anne

Snow Trees Week 2

My first time with the pixler-o-matic app which I learned about thanks to Elizabatz Gallery. I love this retro/grunge version.

Linking up with Robyn G and her Captivate Me blog, where you can see all the participating photographer’s challenge results – a treat to see!

7 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Feb.’16

  1. Janis, welcome back! I’m so pleased that quarterly works better for you 😃
    I really like both versions of your snow trees shown here with their wonderful textures. There’s something very tactile about both 😃


  2. Oh I am enjoying your week 1 a lot. That is a great effect. Looking forward to seeing your progression with this image, trees and snow are one of my favorites.


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