Land Marks

Sometimes I have no idea how many pieces I have in the making at a given point in time.I start and stop, often because I get waylayed and just drift away onto something new that springs up with enough urgency that I can’t ignore it.  Other times I get to a certain point and have no idea how to bring it forward or end it   It may get put in a drawer when I’m cleaning up, until I’m looking for something else and I rediscover it.There could be anywhere from 6 to 12 of these in my various hiding places right now.

This is one of those pieces that, like a lost soul, was reserrected and given new life.

Land Marks

The land shifts from time to time
It’s been here for millennium – whatever that is –
I have a hard time imagining it,
But it’s the land that I love
and sometimes I shift too.
I see the evidence of all the elements that have shaped it,
the scars made from rocks tearing through the earth
as it travels with the force of roaring floods,
from the ice that scraped and gouged out enormous craters and lakes
leaving mountains and valleys in its’ wake
for us to love and honor
(and build resorts on).

I suppose you could just look at my face
and read some of the volcanic eruptions
that have torn my heart out a few times along the way,
but somehow it’s not quite so clear –
the crevices appear so much smaller.
And besides, I’m mortal.
Not how you want to think of our planet.
It’s so totally amazing,
that despite the violence that trammels it,
it sprouts such delicate and stunning beauty and magnificence
that I am astounded and filled with awe and inspiration.

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I have to give a shout out to the SAQArtique
The SAQA critique group, for all their feedback that kept me going!

Also, check out Nina Marie on her Off The Wall Friday Blog Post!

2 thoughts on “Land Marks

  1. Janis this is stunning. I’m with you on starting and stopping projects. I have so many unfinished for the very readonly you mentioned here.

    This is so beautiful 😍! Would love to see it in person.

    Liked by 1 person

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