See Differently

“Seeing Differently” is a new challenge issued by Robyn Gosby on her Captivate Me blog. To motivate myself to generate some new pics, I’m joining in.  It’s got a slant that’s right up my alley and seeing Robyn’s (and others) pics is exciting and inspiring !  It’s only for October and the goal is to come up with 15 pics. so here’s my start.

As I was leaving my doctor’s office, I pulled out my camera and started shooting the spiral staircase.


I played with it a bit in Photoshop and came up with this ethereal rendition.


Click over to see some of the others on Robyn’s Captivate Me blog.

2 thoughts on “See Differently

  1. So glad you’re joining us.. and what a way to start! Awesome 😃
    This is a fantastic image for the challenge. I like both! Such an abstract image in the way you’ve captured it. Completely changes it from being a staircase. Love the light and shadow as well as the pattern.. and I feel like I see some texture too. Inspiring!


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