Blog Hop – Art with Fabric

Welcome to Turtle Moon Impressions for the Art With Fabric blog hop!

I’ve chosen to try my hand at one of Vincent Van Gogh’s olive tree paintings. If ever there was a more convincing example of the benefit of working in a series than his olive trees, I haven’t seen it. Take a look!

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I tried my hand at one of these paintings done in Edinburgh in 1889 and have taken you from start to finish.  As you can see, my first layout wasn’t working so I tried again until I was pleased with what I had. I often work in fits and starts, refining my piece as I learn more about it


Once happy with the layout, I begin to fill in the details, adjusting as I go along. I learned a lot about the critical aspect of “seeing” what’s right in front of me during this process.  Although I knew a little already about simultaneous contrast and the application of color with pigment, it was a unique learning curve to adapt this to cloth!


Finally, I have a happy ending: Ode To Vincent! Yet, as I write this, I’m thinking I really should keep going on some more of these olive trees!



Thanks Alida for inviting me to participate in the hop!

The full schedule of the event is available at this link

Check it out!  It’s definitely worth the visit!

19 thoughts on “Blog Hop – Art with Fabric

  1. Your piece is absolutely stunning! Your technique was absolutely perfect for tacking his wild brush strokes and dabs of color. Well done! I used Vincent as my inspiration for the last Art with Fabric blog hop, but chose Wheatfield with Crows. He’s such an endless inspiration! I need to return to his work sometime and maybe try those olive trees as well. So beautiful!


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