Is It A Finish?

Below are the numerous manifestations of my latest work , more or less, as it developed. I made it in sections that I will somehow tie  together to finish.

Below is the what I think is my final choice. What do you think?

The text is a Rachel Carson quote: “If facts are the seeds that later produce knowledge and wisdom, then the emotions and the impressions of the senses are the fertile soil in which the seeds must grow.”

As I worked on it the events at Standing Rock to attempt to stop the Dakota Pipeline construction was unfolding. It still is.  I’m naming this piece “I Stand With You.”

I’m pretty sure this is the final selection.
Detail of Pods

Once again. linking up with Nina Marie Sayre.


I just tried to place a pic in my comments section but see it’s not capable, at least azt this point.  SO I’m playing around with adding some text, as Anni Hunt has suggested.  What do you think? The running text at the top is hand written but these may be the same or may be transferred on if I decide to go with it.


8 thoughts on “Is It A Finish?

  1. I can never really tell if people want actual comments or not. But here’s my two cents. I like the final version. There is a small white strip of fabric on the left hand side of the main center piece that catches the eye and is distracting. Perhaps it’s just a camera thing. Perhaps in real life it is not noticeable at all. Love your blog. Diane Kelley


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    1. Funny! Diane, that’s not part of the piece. It’s made in sections and just up on my design wall so that’s the wall peeking through. I’ll be tying it altogether pretty tightly so that won’t be there when I finish, but thank you! I do want this kind of feedback. Of course any feedback is good!


  2. Just love the pieces and how you have constructed them in the final stage. However I was looking at your header page of the blog and love the extra layer of text overlaying that piece and wondered what this piece would look like with an overlay of some important words on your subject matter. You could play with acetate and words before you commit……….just a thought……….

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    1. Hi Anni! What an interesting idea! I like it and will have to play around with that! Now, do you mean in addition to the text that’s there or instead of it? As the subject matter of my posts changes all the time, I’m suspecting that you mean more general? Or each time I post? I love getting such inspiring comments!


      1. Yes more text as an overlay the same as your blog image but sensitive to the subject matter… with it and see if another layer adds more depth…..

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  3. OK, I placed some text digitally on transparencies and they’re just pinned up now to see what they look like. The text running along the top is hand lettered onto the fabric. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll do the same with these or if they’ll be transferred. What do you think?


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