One Four Challenge Nov.16 Week.1

Hi! I’m catching up here on my blogging duties.  Sometimes time just gets away from me.


Just before arriving at Chappaquoit Beach in Falmouth, MA.,  something caught my eye – some kind of shrub with white flowers but we couldn’t stop right then to check it out.  So, on the way out we drove up the road and pulled aside so I could take a good look at it.  I don’t ever recall seeing it before and I think it’s gorgeous, especially to be in bloom in November!


Later, I found out that it’s a  Baccharis halimifolia (Groundsel-tree), a native from Nova Scotia on down into the southeast coast. It lives along the edges of salt marshes. And then, I looked up and here was this quaint Cape Cod scene – a marshy inlet beside the beach.

Original Image

I got to work on it this morning and here’s how I processed it in Photoshop. I did just download a trial of Lightroom but I haven’t yet figured it out yet.

Chappaquoit, late afternoon

I cropped it in close to enhance the feeling of intimacy and for the benefit of composition, and I smart-sharpened it.  Upped the exposure and saturation slightly. Selected the blue color tool and added more cyan along with some black and yellow and decreased the red some. So for the first week, I think it’s a fair depiction of this lovely landscape. I have no idea where I’ll go with this next week.

Stay tuned and check out Robyn’s blog to see the others and think about joining in on the challenge!

3 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Nov.16 Week.1

  1. What a beautiful scene to discover as you were checking out your white flowered bush!
    I like the reason you chose to crop – to bring us in closer. Raising the saturation brings the little blue boat to our attention.
    Looking forward to seeing your next steps Janis and I hope you have fun with Lightroom!! 🙂
    Just fyi – perhaps you already know – Kim Klassen has an introduction to Lightroom (free) – I like her personal way of teaching. Perhaps it might help??

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