One Four Challenge 2016 Week 3

Elizabeth Jenson inspired me to download a free photo app called Pixlromatic. It’s pretty cool. I really like this vintage effect, a combination of Lucas and  Metal.chapp-lucasmetal

I’ll be missing this One Four Challenge!    I was so sad to learn that next week is the last one.  The crew has dwindled down to only a handful. Although I’ve only been doing it since February of 2015, with a break for a few months, it’s been ongoing for  two years, so I guess they all deserve a break.

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for checking my pics out!

2 thoughts on “One Four Challenge 2016 Week 3

  1. I like this split tone effect from Pixlromatic Janis… Think it’s my favourite so far of the 3.
    It is sad to be finishing the challenge, but you never know, we might revisit the idea again in the future 😃
    As a couple have said so far, I’m thankful for the connections we’ve all made. It’s been great!


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