The Last! One Four Challenge Nov. Wk. 4

I couldn’t decide between 2 post edits this time, so since it’s the last, I’ll go out with a double header! Both final edits were done in Pixlr-o-matic. Obviously I like them both.  What do you think?

This one is reminiscent of an early spring morning on Cape Cod where I might stop here with a coffee in the car and get out for a morning walk on the beach.
This seems more like a vintage postcard.  I love the look of it.

Oh, and what the heck!  Here’s the beach!

Many sundown strolls and swims here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Farewell  One Four Friends! Robyn’s Captivate Me Blog will always be found even though the One Four Challenge is now over. Thanks for sharing all the great photos and incredible information and tips that have seriously helped me learn how to use Photoshop way more than I could before the challenges. Namaste, Robyn and challenge friends!

5 thoughts on “The Last! One Four Challenge Nov. Wk. 4

  1. HI Janis – I love the way you went out with our challenge! 😀
    I love the first especially – a soft cool painterly feel to it – very reminiscent of early Spring mornings!
    So glad you’ve joined me all this time – thank you and I’ll be popping by to say hi x

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