Strange Week

It’s been a strange week for me.  Everything seems so disjointed.  Most of you know I have some sleep problems (to say the least) and this week I had an awake cycle of three days before I finally fell into it.  I thought I missed the artist’s opening last night at the Malden Pops-Up,  but I woke and found that it was cancelled due to extreme cold here.  It’s been rescheduled to Dec 22nd at 84 Main Street in Malden. There will be live music that night.

The week before I missed getting my piece, Shaman’s Dream, down to RI  in time for the opening of the exhibit, Fiber in the Present Tense at Slater Mill because I didn’t have enough sleep to drive safely. Waiting till the last minute didn’t help but I’ve had more frequent episodes recently.  It’s too dangerous for me to take sleeping pills – I sleepwalk!  They say you can’t keep a good woman down but this is a bit much.

This is the first year in ages that I haven’t been trying to pump out Christmas presents and that seems a lot strange too but it feels just fine not to be frantic at this point. I’m definitely producing work but not with a deadline and I love that!

The most important thing I’ve been doing, though, is finally digging into my website.  I’m really trying to bring it up to date.  I had added a lot of pics but I didn’t put them in the right place and I finally dedicated my time to rooting out the problem and correcting it.  Of course, it’s a monster of a job to pretty much start over but that’s what I’ve been doing.  It’s not ready for showing just yet but soon!  So, I’ll give you a little preview of some things I’m putting up there.

I know you haven’t seen this one because I just did it. The girl on the left center is my grand daughter, Caroline in last April’s performance.Not too shabby for a night shot, no flash from a distance. And that’s some eco printed silk with it.


You have seen this one before it was finished.


One task accomplished this week has been to cut some mats and clean up and /or paint some frames and get some art in them. I liked the picture of the picture without cropping it.  You probably can’t tell from looking at it that it’s just propped up on top of a camera tripod so I can get the picture!

HP Pond Camera Ready

Hope you’re all enjoying the seasonal events out there. Keep warm, whatever you do. Yesterday started off at minus zero and it’s warmed up to 30 degrees now. Brrrr…I’m happy hunkering down in my studios.





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