A New Series Is Born

A few years back I attended a workshop on the Cape with Elizabeth Barton.  Besides being an accomplished textile artist, she’s an excellent teacher. In the weeks following the class I worked on one of the main sketches I had been working on in class but only finished it in recent months.  But I also worked on some new ideas that were inspired by her class and this week I suddenly went to work on them.  It’s amazing how long I can hold onto an idea before it materializes. Because I’m working in a ten inch format these days for a collaborative exchange with some other artists, I worked these old sketches into some new ten inch studies to play with my ideas. They’re basic architectural shapes and I’m calling this new series: “Attributes of Form.” The first one is playful and colorful.  I called it Magical Mystery Tour:


And this one expresses an entirely different aspect of my experiences, that of an interior design student at UC Berkely, SF where I so enjoyed, much to my surprise, the art of drafting.  This was just before digital drafting became the norm, and it’s where my love of line and architecture developed.  If you look closely, you can see the quilting stitching throughout the series imitates the drafting lines of a plan.rising

Now, I’m going over to see what’s up over at Nina Marie’s today!  Join me!  Ha- we’re writing about a very similar experience!

7 thoughts on “A New Series Is Born

    1. Thanks Deb! I’ve made 7 of them so far and I’m finding that working in a series on this small, more doable format, to be very valuable. With experience of running into some of the same problems and possibilities again and again, it becomes easier to make the corrections into a “muscle memory of sorts” so you imbed the learning that’s taking place. The problem is that you can start to repeat what you’re doing in a way that can make it stale, but if you watch for it, this can also become clear pretty fast and you’re able to get it before you’ve invested way too much time into a problem piece. So far, so good.

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  1. Contente que vous ayez pu concrétiser les travaux de votre classe avec Elizabeth ils sont bons, moi j’ai encore rien tiré de ma masterclass en ligne faite avec Elizabeth :((

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  2. I get the gist of what you’re saying but since my Google translater isn’t translating comments and I don’t speak Spanish, or is it French, I don’t quite have it. If you’re about to take her Masterclass, you’ll love it!


  3. Ohhhh I was going to go to that same workshop but then since I had already taken 3 5 days classes with Elizabeth I thought I should start working on some of the stuff she taught me!! Love these!

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