Melrose Arts Festival – this weekend!

I’ll be setting up my booth at Memorial Hall this evening.  Lots of new product this year.

I just finished this one that’s a digital mix of my photo and scratch painting I did a couple of months ago and was printed by Spoonflower.  I used one layer of cotton batting between the print on cotton and an eco-felt backing. Most often these days I only use one layer of eco-felt and no other batting, this time I wanted the outline stitching to be a bit more like embossing so I opted for the lighter, fluffier layer of cotton batting yet have that firmer stability that the eco-felt provides.

At first , I free motion stitched the tulip but I didn’t like it so much as I stitched it a bit excessively and it all flattened out so I mad an applique to go over it and I love how it came out adding just the right amount of drama and color to bring the whole thing together nicely. I can’t think much past this weekend at the moment but I’m already certain I’ll be sending another piece of my digital art to Spoonflower.

Don’t forget!



The Melrose Arts Festival returns for its 12th year! Come and celebrate the work of local artists and craftspeople at our annual juried show.

The festival will be open Saturday 10am-5pm & Sunday 11am-5pm

• Free Admission during the day on Saturday & Sunday
Suggested donation at the door.

• Enjoy the exhibition at your own pace

And, check out Nina Marie today!


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