Who Is That Masked Man?

Now, who is that masked man? It’s Steve Gyurin, a photographer who has a shop called Artopia Giclee in Melrose where he does a great job photographing, printing and framing people’s art.  Check him out.  He’s in Melrose near the Malden line on Washington Street, in the old rubber factory building that houses Marty’s Furniture and other local, small businesses.  Today we were experimenting .  I usually paint on inkAid with a brush onto fabric to prepare it to accept ink jet pigments but we decided to try spraying it on.  We haven’t finished our experiment yet but I’ll let you know what the results are when we know.  

Steve Spraying inkAid
It’s nice to be able to hang the fabric up to dry after spraying! We’re also trying it out on some watercolor paper too.

Have any of you tried this?  If so, I’d love to know how it worked for you. We’re unsure as yet just how much coverage we actually need and if it sprays on somewhat spotty will the coverage be adequate after it’s all soake in and dried. I routinely put this fabric through my regular home printer but Steve’s about to try running it through his very big and fancy printer.  Please tell us if you’ve tried this!

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