Sunrise in Nicaragua

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Transient

Sunrise is such a transient event only lasting mere moments, or sometimes only seconds.

Sunrise in Nicaragua
Sunrise In Nicaragua, 1982

In 1982 I travelled to Nicaragua with the North American Brigade to protest our US anti-Contra war and blockade against the Sandinistas. I just found a good, brief piece about this period in our history here, if you’re interested in knowing more.

The time there for us was fleeting and our influence not quite what we aimed for, but the memories of the people and the land and the politics – the relationships that may have been experienced for just a blip in time, have had lasting lessons and deeply felt beliefs, not to mention long-held memories of certain people that we would love and wish the best for, for a lifetime.

Here’s one of a much younger me with one of those young men (a boy really) who I think about still and hope his life has been a good one. My own sons at the time were just a little older than he was and planning on going into the military.  If my boys were to be deployed there, I wanteed to know for myself what was going on there. After this trip, I sure as hell didn’t want my sons shooting at this child-army.  Thankfully, they never had to.

img658 copy 3A.
Jorge and Me

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