Today I finally went to visit the Garden In The Woods in Framingham – what a fabulous place! It’s a botanical garden on 45 acres that’s a showcase for the beauty of plants native to New England.  It’s an outgrowth of the New England Wildflower Society and well worth the visit.  You can fully stock your garden there but there’s lots more: trails to walk, lectures, a photographer’s dream and many educational programs.

Of course I brought home some new babies to plant: Penstemon digitalis and New Jersey Tea. I’ll show some pics when I plant them.

Shed With Roof Garden
Shed with roof garden.

This captured my imagination.  I just love the idea of roof gardens on a shed!

Spigelia marilandica

This lady is also known as Pinkroot and Indian Pink – a showstopper in the month of June!

tiarella cordifolia
Tiarella Cordifolia

I think I’m bonded to the Tiarella cordifolia, also known as a Foamflower.  It’s one of my favorite leaves to print!

plant, Garden In the Woods

I have no idea what I captured in this pic! If you know, do tell!

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