Accepted into SAQA JAM!

, Bee Balm, Bergomot
My Bergomot, Bee Balm is thriving!

I was just sitting here developing some pics I took yesterday while I soda soak some cotton to take with me to Syracuse next week to use in my class at Quilting By The Lake, when I bopped on over to check my email.  I’m so excited now!  I’ve been juried in to SAQA as a JAM (Juried Artist Member)!

It seems like only yesterday when I first joined SAQA as a new art quilter.  I didn’t slip into art quilting by way of a history of quilting.  I took up quilting bed quilts for my grands to learn the basics.  I tossed off the idea of becoming a Jam Member or any such aspiration as I just wanted to learn and get as good as I could at it.  Seven years later, I said “What the heck! I may as well try.”

My new aquaintance, Steve Gyurina is a photographer at Artopia Giclee and he shot a portfolio of pictures for me.  These are what I submitted and here they are!

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16 thoughts on “Accepted into SAQA JAM!

  1. Congratulations, Janis. Love your new quilts, too. Your Bergamot and Bee Balm picture – I have Bergamot Mint and Bee Balm on my allotment, but they aren’t anything like these plants of yours. Strange.


      1. I’ll take some time out to ‘visit’ New England’s wild flowers. It will be interesting. I know when I took a train from Boston up to Salem once, the countryside was very like the UK .

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  2. Yes, I think so, although I’ve never been there. Probably the main difference between the bergamots in my photo are that they are not native, but hybrids. Soon I’ll be replacing them with natives.


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