Quilting By the Lake

Quilting By The Lake!  An intense experience all around.  The best part echoed by all is the classes and the caliber of instructors.  My class with Kerr Grabowski – One Theme, Many Marks – primarily about deconstructive screen printing, extends to other forms of mark making to go along with it. As in almost all such classes, inspiration comes from all around you, from the teacher to your classmates and the many other new folks that you meet.

I’m happy to have met my new dorm-mates!  What could be a not-so-pleasant experience has been an unexpected reward to come home to.  I’ve been lucky to share this experience with three genuinely good, smart and talented women from all over the country.

If I ever come here again, though, I’d bring a scooter!  This is a lovely, expansive campus, with beautifully landscaped grounds but it’s so large that unless you’ve been doing some rigorous exercise beforehand, just getting back and forth to classes can be a challenge! My arthritic feet and back are struggling to keep up.

No matter, all is well here and I’m having a productive time here – learning is at full throttle!  Pictures are scarce at the moment, though, because my battery died due to  my neglect but I managed to get some that show us all at work!

2 thoughts on “Quilting By the Lake

  1. So glad you are getting to do this, Janis. Take some Aleve, sit when you can, and tell your feet/back you will give them a break in a few days. Meanwhile, enjoy and soak up the experience!

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