Intro to Eco Printing Workshops Begin. More scheduled.

First a reminder:  Today is the Artist’s Reception at the The Brush Art Gallery and Studios for The Little  Black Dress!
256 Market Street, Lowell, MA 01852  between 2 to 4 PM.

They are located in the building behind the Visitor Center on Market Street. Parking is available in the lot at 304 Dutton St, Lowell, MA 01852 (follow signs for Visitor Center).

Also!  First eco print of the season!  Better late than never!


This is the only one I opened. I’ll wait another day  before opening others. This one was mordanted last October with alum and soy milk (three dips), then another this year in alum. Steamed for about three hours.  Not washed yet but it shouldn’t lose any discernable quality or color.

Also class begins on Monday for:

Intro to Eco Printing

Topics Include:

Scouring vs. Other Cleaners

Overview of Mordants and Influencers

Fibers: Cotton, Linen, Silk, Wool

Plants for Dye

Plants that Print

Methodology: boiling, steaming, burying

We will meet three days in a row.

Day 1: You will come to class with fabric pre-mordanted.  We will make tannins and dyes; forage for plants, prepare them for contact printing; dip fabric in whatever influencers you choose. Dye some fabric. Print on cotton or linen.

Day 2:  Print on silk and/or wool.

Day 3: Unveil our logs!

Class Fee: $50.

$15 supply fund

***Another Workshop Scheduled for September 12 – 14th. email me if iterested.

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