Eco Prints – the process.

It’s been so good to be back in my outdoor studio producing more dyed and printed fabric! I’m glorying in it as long as I can.  Hurricanes blow away from here!

This eco print is on a section of an old linen tablecloth I received from Freecycle. It was mordanted with alum and soy last October!  I added a new soak in aluminum acetate.  I soaked the leaves in either ferrous sulfate, calcium carbonate or copper water; sprayed the whole cloth down with vinegar water and used a calcium carbonnate carrier cloth.

20170903_161124.3 copy
20170903_161347.5. copy

I folded it three times and rolled it onto a large “log” of tin cans wrapped together and simmered it for almost 2 hours.  Ordinarily, I would have kept it in a little longer because it’s a little thick and a large piece ( it steamed for 1 hour and 55 minutes), but I neededto cut the time it a bit short and it’s just fine. This is still curing so it hasn’t yet been washed or ironed.20170903_161853.6. copy

Sometimes it’s fabulous to have a cloth that is light in fair sized areas because it leaves you room to work into it in any number of creative ways.

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