Packing It In for the Season

Today I’m finally packing it up.  I started cleaning up all the pots and pans yesterday.  Joined my crit group at I o’clock though, so had a reprieve from my scouring duties. It’s always a lift to meet with these women. We are all so different in our art our and personalities, yet we come together as a productive entity intent on learning and sharing that results in both individual and group focus.

I’m anxious to start making some art out of my summer work now. Some nights I’ve started sewing. Others, I’ve been out there in the dark till midnight.  Those halogen work lights are great! But I must admit to feeling a bit worn out and needing to take a few off to do nothing at all after I put away my summer studio.

Eco prints on paper 17
A fair representation of my last two weeks wok, experimenting with eco printing on paper. Papers were printmaking and watercolor. 

This summer, I got a late start waiting for my floor to go in and that floor has been wonderful for me! I decided not to go into ‘production mode’ rather to spend a lot of my time experimenting this year and I think it’s been good for me, stretching out my boundaries a bit and opening me up to some fresh new work.

Now, back to packing it in – a gorgeous day for it!

2 thoughts on “Packing It In for the Season

  1. And you can be very pleased with what you have harvested over the summer and into the fall. Many beautiful, dynamic pieces!


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