New Tricks Keep Coming

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but that adage isn’t born out in my lifetime. I just finished hanging the exhibition – Land & Nature Scapes.  This was the first time I’ve organized, curated and hung such an event and I have to say, even while doing so on a shoestring budget, I think you’re in for a treat if you attend at any time in the coming month but especially for the opening artists reception next Thursday night. I learned a bundle of new tricks in the last few weeks! In no way did I do it alone. This is a fabulous committee of three besides me with the lovely and gracious Ose Schwab and Lisa Sears.  But really each time I was ready to need some help, in walked someone who said, “Can I help?” What a crew!

I have to say that this core group of artists and makers who have banded together to create an art space for visual artists,  performing artists, writers and poets are a wonderful affirmation of the best humanity has to offer. It’s been my honor to work with them, get to know them and share in the kind of community building that uplifts us all.

Wherever you are on this planet, think of supporting your local artists when it comes time to shopping for gifts! Here’s a brand new piece I just brought into the shop:


Celebrate 2 views.300.
The background is a deconstructed mixed media collage.  The raised sections are a deconstructed printed and painted monoprint, on 10″ Cradle Board.

Nina has an interesting post today on Off The Wall Friday.  Do check it out!

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