Great Time Had By All

Home again after 6 days in Gloucester at The Northeast Art Workshops, a fabulous place to either attend or teach ART classes. You can’t beat the location or the  gracious host , Kat Masella, who is a talented, local, mixed media encaustic artist in her own right.

I was one of the twenty something lucky students at the JANE DAVIES MONOPRINT COLLAGE WORKSHOP. I’ve wanted to attend one of her classes for years now and I finally made it! She’s adept at the gelatin print process and imparting a storehouse of information on printmaking and collage. I can’t wait to finish unpacking and set up to do some more more monoprinting to incorporate some of the new techniques I learned from her.

One of the highlights of this workshop was meeting the other attendees who came from all over the country and some who live right here in MA. What a great gathering of friendly, talented and like-minded women artists! Some of these women will most likely become an ongoing group of colleagues inspired to continue sharing our art endeavors and explorations.


I just checked my email and found some pics from Kat in my box!

Another great time had by all!

2 thoughts on “Great Time Had By All

  1. Thanks for the beautiful post & photos of a memorable experience, Janis Awesome time in Gloucester. Totally inspiring and freeing! Thanks, everyone – Jane, Kat, assistants Kate & Donna, and all of the talented, energized and passionate participants. Big art fun!


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