Stitching Away!

A lot of stitching going on here!

I don’t usually work with the large size of this quilt, 30 x 50″, so I’ve never encountered the problem I’m having with erosion of some pieces of the eco printed silk organza. My machine is a small-throated Elna 2600, so all the rubbing and  pushing and pulling has placed a lot of stress on this more fragile fabric. I had to remove a small section and replace it – tricky business! On the advise of my critique group members, I used invisible thread that I placed a distance from my machine on a detached thread spindle which made it so much easier to use.

I’m also replacing the branches. So far, I’ve replaced all of the branches that should appear to be in the background and am working on those that are in front of them.

One huge part of the eco printing process that I haven’t mentioned recently is the gathering and growing of print plants and I’m so sad to say that one deer has been seriously damaging my crop!  She particularly loves my native Rudbeckias and Plox but I’m fighting back with an ecologically safe deer repellent.  I’m not betting in this though…sigh.

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