Finished in the Nick of Time!

Yesterday, I thought I was done and rushed to shoot and upload what I thought would be the final piece.  I wanted to take the picture outdoors and so I rigged something to hang it on by tipping my new folding table to stand upright on end but the table bends slightly in the middle. I applied a length of  1 x ? 16 or something to push it further frontward and it was functional but not quite straight up and down, There was still enough of a tilt to throw it slightly off.

How I rigged a photo shoot wall !?**!?#?

But then, I wasn’t happy with it at all – way too wonky and the light and colors were off. I also found that those flapping leaves were a real problem to lay down and roll onto pool noodles. It was going to be a nightmare for anyone hanging it and taking it down.

There was also a glaring spot that I wanted to cover but had forgotten about it, so first I took it back to the sewing machine when I suddenly realized I had used one of the leaves that I had previously rejected as not good at all. so I replaced that one. I had a couple more leaves I hadn’t used and found the perfect one to cover up the spot that was bothering me. I also  and tacked all the leaves down in key places so they would lay flatter and roll up without being damaged.

The thing is that people who don’t do this sort of madness have no idea how much time this all takes! Even for some of us who do this all the time, we fool ourselves into thinking it’ll only take minutes until the hours roll by! Finally I crashed once again and finally got an actual 5 hours of sleep! So, coasting in the lap of such luxury, I finished the stitching and then tweaked my set up in my outdoor studio to stand a bit more upright. Not perfect –  because of how it slanted backward a slight bit.  It still threw the perspective off so it appears a little wonky still, but we all have our wonky moments so I drew the cut-off line of being fussy and went with it. The goddess was also on my side with an overcast sky so I had a more even light source. I also chose to use my cell phone camera because I don’t have the right lens for this kind of shoot and I just get into a frenzy trying to make it do something it isn’t meant to do. And here it is!  terminé   rinneadh   完了    Selesai   farita



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