Elusive Time-Part 3

Update: Sorry, I was again in so much of a hurry, I neglected to put the pics of the iron blanket in! Sorry! Here they are:

And while I’m at it, here’s the full pic of #2.

This print is on a cotton that I suspected was some kind of blend because it has a little stretch to it but when I went to purchase some new cotton yesterday I found that the Kaufman PDF 100% organic cotton that I purchased was the same, (and I think i bought the same thing last time) and as the sales person pointed out it only slightly stretched in one direction which is normal.  Again in the hybrid AA mordant, dyed with the second batch of Sumac Leaf dye to which I added Ferrous Sulfate and alum. It was rolled onto PVC pipe, string tied without a barrier; then wrapped in plastic. You can see that with the TO (titanium oxalate), most everything discharged. Although the eucalyptus and willow leaves were soaked in vinegar, then patted dry, there was no color with them, which I was surprised at. A little color showed up but there appears to be no rhyme or reason to it. Hopefully, someone who reads this will post a comment to explain this.

All of the berry leaves and flowers were fresh picked and dry. The tickseed, which was just left on my table the day before, sort of wilting – that printed nicely with a bit of color and definition. A small amount of purple in the peony has since disappeared but those long thin things, those are black cohosh flower stems, and they were soaked in TO and the color remains. An especially nice effect was achieved with the black accentuating line surrounding the leaves. This is a keeper for me. It’ll turn up in some piece of art.  Maybe I’ll have to make a piece of textile art called “Elusive Time.”

8/8/ 2.

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