Sweet Potatoes!

I’ve discovered, much to my delight, that sweet potato leaves print! Thank you Paulette Welch Shea for offering them up to me! She even delivered them to my door…that’s a friend worth keeping for 64 years! LOL!

Stonewashed Silk de Chine; Sumac Leaf Tannin, PAS mordant.

Silk scarf laid down on top of plastic; leaves with Cochineal blanket on top of leaves.

Fresh sweet potato leaves & vines; crabapples, soaked in CC are year old and dried; Maples, no soak, just plain and dried for a year.

Rolled onto copper pipe w/ plastic barrier; String tied; steamed 350F for hour and 40 minutes. Opened immediately. The scarf is washed and ironed here but the blanket isn’t  in this pic but it didn’t lose much color in the wash.

Also, gratitude goes out to my cohorts on the Printing With Botanical online FB group for being the BEST! They share and care! I’ve learned so much from them!

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