Fiber Fusions at The Whistler

Got to Lowell on Saturday with Sue Colozzi who’s been so gracious to take me on as a passenger on various excursions – thank you Sue! We visited a number of galleries having great exhibitions. Today I’ll share some pics from the Fiber Fusions exhibition at The Whistler House. More to come.

A signature of excellence and originality by Sue Colozizi
Taormina. Lena Meszaros, France is the winner of the  Viewer’s Choice Award . Congratulations Lena! I have to say that it was also my favorite!
Detail of the exquisite artistry so well executed and so original of Taormina by Lena Meszaros.
Growing Unseen by Bobbi Baugh won the Juror’s Award. Congratulations Bobbi! So well deserved!

I wish I could include them all but it was so well attended I couldn’t get a decent photo of many of them because there was always a group of people blocking the sightline.

The Artists – all among the best in the field

A fabulous day seeing such art and getting to see lots of good people!

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