Motivation to Create Renewed

Having my art has been such a saving grace at this time of imposed seclusion. And Nick’s free workshop provided me with the stimulus I needed, inspiring renewed motivation and opening my eyes to an expanded vision, an ability to see my own work with more awareness as I work.

Since the classes ended, I experimented with some of what I learned and have two new pieces. I started small just to play but, I have to say, it’s just as much work on a small substrate as a larger piece. I’m over that!

I started painting on a piece of Bristol paper and added collage as I went along. This is “Covid Blues”.

Covid Blues, 5×7″, Paper, paint and collage.

Then I started working with fabric and the center piece was just randomly cut out. I didn’t see the lady until I laid it on top of the piece – thus, “A Lady Emerged”.

A Lady Emerged, 5×7″, fabric, machine pieced and appliqued, paint and hand stitched fiber/yarn.

The Art2Life Free Workshop is now closed and the lucky ones are now in the intensive CVP Workshop. Maybe next time for me! Meanwhile if you’re interested, you can always check out the Art2Life Artists Page .

On to the next one!

Thanks for looking!

4 thoughts on “Motivation to Create Renewed

  1. Janis, I am a bit late to the party and wonder why i become so easily distracted, as i love seeing your work and observing process. Some day, we should celebrate vaccinating and meet up at Ogunquit Museum of American Art –OMAA. The setting is beautiful, but perhaps you know that. And the curator is a childhood friend.
    Best, beth


  2. Ohhhh yes Beth, it’s so easy to get carried away! I finally have a date scheduled to get my vaccination on March 30th! I don’t think I’ve ever been to the OMAA, so it sounds great to me! Let’s make it happen!


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