First Time Winter Seeding!

Oh boy! I got my winter seeds in place 2 days ago – just before the frost! I hope it works! I used some cut down water jugs and 3 flats. After a thorough, weeding I must have dug hundred of pound of soil and place it in the bed beside it. Then I laid down some weed control fabric and shoveled the very same soil back into the bed. I had a bag of home composted soil but I needed to screen it into the bed. The seeds were waiting in their new containers and were placed into the winter bed and watered. The rodent screen went on top and was secured by Ms. Micky Mouse in her usual fashion. Because the bed is in a sunny location, I needed to screen out the sun – perfect timing to shear the cedar shrub – and the boughs were placed on top of the screen for shade…do you think this will work? This is the first time I’ve done this…hoping for the best!

And oh yes! It’s the day to be thankful for so many things and I am! Art, gardening and cooking are all of the same bone! I wish you all the best!

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