Art Works Exhibit

There’s more to fiber arts than quilts and Art Works did a fine job of representing the more tensile fibers in the Fiber in the Present Tense 2014 exhibit, Exhibition dates:  February 28 – March 29, 2014

Saberah Malik. Teatotaller's recollections.

Saberah Malik was awarded the SDA Award of Excellence for her piece “Teetotaler’s Recollections.”

Adrienne Sloan sculptureAdrienne Sloan.wirework.

Adrienne Sloan’s wirework is outstanding.

Column by Kate Barber

Some things need to be seen to be appreciated. “Column” by Kate Barber is one of those pieces that really draws you into it.

Maureen Patrick. Paper Dishes

Maureen Patrick’s “Paper Dishes” are so delicate and  beautiful.

Eyedazzler by E.W. Schulze Marcia Young

On the left is Elizabeth Whyte Schulze’s “Eyedazzler” and right beside it is her “Marengo” vase being admired by Marcia Young behind it. Her colorful baskets are created from raffia, pine needles, reed, Japanese paper and acrylic paint.

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