Workshop With Kerr Grabowski

Kerr Grabowski
Kerr Grabowski

WOW!  Was this ever the greatest workshop ever!!!  

The workshop was at Pro Chem & Dye in Fall River.  

Screen, Dye and Discharge-Enlarging Your Markmaking Vocabulary

Instructor:  Kerr Grabowski

For me, it was with the right teacher, in the right place, at the right time and I am filled with inspiration and motivation and brimming over with new information and ideas!


DSCN8841 web.
Kerr demonstrating pulling the print.
DSCN8844 web.
Kerr demonstrating drawing with a syringe.

 We learned to make screens with fiber reactive dye , as well as wax for a resist. The basic thrust of the class was to explore and expand on your mark making vocabulary with deconstructed printing, drawing fluid, wax stencils, wax rubbings, overprinting, discharge and more.

More about this later.  Now I’m going to unpack!


3 thoughts on “Workshop With Kerr Grabowski

  1. Well, that’s as good an excuse as I’ve ever heard! You should try to hook up with someone who’s going to one that you want! If I lived near you I would have been glad to have you as a passenger. And yes – I was very lucky!!!


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