The Students At Work

Everyone was charged with energy and immersed in the moment – every moment!  No time was wasted.  We arrived early and stayed late – thanks to the patience and forbearance of Vickie! The myriad of talents and skills of these women was a collective buzz!

DSCN8747  web.
Tomi and I shared a table.
DSCN8793 web.
Cindy was right behind me and our behinds were bumping all through the days! LOL!
DSCN8882web.  - Copy
Helen was also right behind me but on the end of the table.
web.  - Copy
Andi, another MA resident from the south shore.
DSCN8790 web.
DSCN8755  web.
DSCN8768 web
DSCN8786 web.
DSCN8891 web
Thanks Diana for the pic!
Thanks Diana for the pic of Lois.

And you can go to Kerr’s FB page to see me at play and while you’re there, peruse the rich and creative art of a very talented woman!

This was a group that was meant to be together, if only for a short time – a special time! My life has been greatly enriched at their presence in my life.

For some great pics of some of the artwork that was done, I’m linking to Diane Franklin’s,  On Art, Inspiration and Everyday Life. My phone/camera died before I could get a bunch of pics, Diane’s was among those.  But I’ll be seeing more of Diane  and my guess is that you will too. (We both belong to SDA and have a meeting next Saturday at Pro Chem, of all places!)

Stay tuned for the artwork in my next post!



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