Wen Redmond at Multiplicities

Although Wen Redmond lives just north of us in New Hampshire and is a member of our local SAQA group, she is internationally known as a talented and innovative fiber artist who teaches around the world.  She is also one of my favorites, whose work I respect and admire. She was also represented at the same Whistler Museum Exhibit that Nancy Bartach and I were also in.  Now you know why I was so blown away to get into this show.

In the Rhode Island show, at the IFA in Warren, New Directions in Fiber was the theme and Wen is certainly a leader in her mixed media approach to textile art, often mixing paper, photographs and fiber in collage techniques. She always pushes the boundaries and excels in her genre.  Her work speaks for itself:

Whispers... Wen Redmond. web.
Whispers Of The Positive by Wen Redmond

Whispers. Detail 1. web.

I posted more of her work at The Whistler  in a previous post and another. and you can always see her art on her website.

I’d love take a class with her, but I never seem to have the requirements of available time and available cash at the same time of her workshops – one day!

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