One Four Challenge

I’m joining in on the One Four Challenge on Robyn G’s blog.  Although I’m entering late, it’ll be a fun photo task and I’ll catch right up. I’m not in the same league as m,any of these folks with great cameras and lenses, but I’m sure there are others with simple point and shoot digitals like my Nikon COOLPIX L110.

Here’s my original photo taken in June a block or so away from the Tufts Medical Center.



For Week One,  I’ve zoomed in on the top right section for the first crop, a wide swath of modern brick and mortar architecture. The lines of spare undecorated, inset windows is striking, almost hypnotic in an otherwise chaotic inner city bustle. Cropped as it is, it appears solid and calm – monotonous, yet strong and self assured in its own skin.

I did sharpen it up and  I pulled back a bit on the contrast, which I think heightens the flow of the curving line of the reflective glass panes. Then I perked it up with a film grain filter in PS.

.Boston Brick. film grain




20 thoughts on “One Four Challenge

  1. Great job on the cropping, really changes the focus. Im not so sure if the combination of extra sharpening and film grain really works tho?


      1. I would really like to see it without the extra grittyness from the increased detail AND film or maybe just one of them 🙂 Brick is a good textural surface to play with these kinds of things for sure.


  2. Nice work framing the juicy bit of the photo – you grabbed an interesting chunk… I can see you custom dyeing fabric/thread painting for the windows as they’ve got so many colors in them… Neat inspiration. Thanks again for sharing your process.


  3. Welcome and good morning!!
    Yes, we are glad to have you joining us.
    I can definitely see the appeal here for a printmaker – wonderful patterns, lines and textures.
    Really like the crop, the film grain and your description.
    A fabulous first edit 😃


      1. Im sure you’ll be inspired in some direction 😀
        Having been a quilter over many years and done a touch of printmaking for only a year myself, I know whatever you do will be fabulous! All of these skills / arts feed one another in different ways. Good luck 😀
        Looking forward to seeing what you do!


  4. The thing about this challenge is that everyone is welcome, no matter the equipment or the skills. I don’t have any fancy lenses or aditional equipment and use only simple free programs for post-processing.
    I like your original image, I think you can do so many different things with it. Your first edit is very interesting, the texture of the building and the curves are very nice. I wish you did something with the sky, I think that the darker shade of gray would look very dramatic.


  5. The crop really gets right to the heart of it. This graininess and sharpening have made this look like a drawing, very cool. I love the geometry and leading lines.


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