The Master Class With Elizabeth Barton

Last week’s excursion to Cape Cod was a breath of fresh air for me! First up – Elizabeth Barton’s Master Class!

What a kick to be surrounded by a room full of creative and wonderful people! The class was comprised of a number of power point presentations followed by lectures by Elizabeth, then class work and group rounds with lots of feedback and critiques by Elizabeth.

Most of the work actually done in class is  the planning stages of a piece or perhaps a series of designs. We begin with pencil or ink drawings and collage value sketches and work on developing these before any fabric is involved, so not many pieces of work were brought to completion in class.  But many were begun and developed for further study and work.  Here are some of the first paste up designs – I hope my class mates will help me to identify who did each of these because my memory isn’t what it used to be.  There will be more to come on this class.  I’d like to feature each of these talented artists if they will allow it.

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5 thoughts on “The Master Class With Elizabeth Barton

  1. Hi Janis. It was so wonderful to finally meet you. I have linked to your most excellent post and slideshow. I am looking forward to more about this past week and I will link my blog to yours then as well!!


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