First Sale and Time Out For Gardening

First, good news:  I made my first sale while I was on the Cape!  Hooray!  Winter Wonder now has a loving home in Cummaquid. And I began my search for possible places to market my art.

While I was away, Bill was a sweetheart and built 2 (4 x 4) raised beds for me so I’ve been very busy (ouch, my back!) planting them up with tomatoes and herbs.  I’m also trying to make the front area by the mailbox look better…only time will tell after I labored with love.  Weeding the flower beds was a heroic effort because last year I was a neglectful gardener.

…which now makes me a neglectful blogger…stay tuned, though.  I’ve had some computer problems – freezing up on me every time I tried to do something and I have oh so many photos to process and share with you, especially about the workshop I attended.  Alas, the problem is now resolved.  I’m pretty sure it was my mouse.

DSCN2331 DSCN2333

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