One Four Challenge, July, Week One

Glad to be back to the One Four Challenge with Robyn and friends!  I’ve taken so many new photos and have to process them now that my computer isn’t playing tricks on me. I’m still working on some more posts about the Live Master Class, but for the rest of the summer, I’ll be out in the backyard Summer Studio in the daylight hours when the weather is good but in the early hours when it’s still too buggy out there, I’ll be on the computer.   I have water on my mind with an agenda here.  I’m planning on doing some textile pieces with this theme and thought I’d start with a photo I shot in May. Pretty straight forward with exposure, levels, sharpness and contrast adjustments.

Rocks In Lake.



16 thoughts on “One Four Challenge, July, Week One

  1. Welcome back Janis!! Sounds like much productivity happening off WordPress. Good on you!
    Love this beautiful image – the detail is fabulous 😀


  2. I am always drawn to photographs of water. This one is so inviting and I agree that the stone begs to have the viewer step into the photograph. I look toward to seeing where you are going to go with it…


    1. I will, but it could be a longish time if it’s accepted into an exhibition. If accepted, I usually don’t post it until it’s time for the exhibit, although I will show a small detail of it beforehand.


  3. The light on each of the rocks is lovely, it draws your eye into the image beautifully. I am always trying to capture these moments with the water and rocks and find the light a real challenge, I am intrigued and looking forward to seeing where you go with this edit as the month moves forward.


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