The Hidden Order 4

Christine Gordon’s paste-up is a strong value arrangement in a vertical, axial structure

Chris GFuaraldi web


  Chris paste Up.web

If value is the critical factor in determining if a piece will be successful, Chris has this down pat, no matter the structural configuration.

Chris Gordon pup. 1. web

Chris Gordon pup. web

It’s Brenda Jones‘ turn for a critique from Elizabeth. She’s taken on a horizontal axial structure in the top half of the paste-up to the right, then she adds a mirrored structure beneath it.  Below left are 5 strongly vertical arrangements, one of which was translated into fabric before the class was over; in fact, it may have been the first one to reach this stage in class.

Brenda Jones with Elizabeth  copy

Brenda 1.Brenda. wip. web

Elaine Hickey experimented with a variety of interesting structural arrangements from the grid to horizontal, vertical and division of space. As you can see, Elaine was very prolific.

Elaine Hickey.web



And Ginny Guaraldi has also thoughtfully done the work of this class by experimenting with these organizational constructs to bring order to the process of taking line, shape, value, color and texture.  Just looking at the ones with circles – all so different from each other – all with some different, yet defining and unique, underlying structure.

Ginny 1.


So much information was passed on in this class and we received real encouragement to reach  and expand our capabilities.  I never finish much of anything in a class.  I think most of us feel insecure when others are watching what we do.  But we are pushed to do the work – to try something we may not have ever done before.  None of us expect great works of art to be made in class but, in fact, some really good stuff will come out of this class in the coming months as we process all that we’ve learned.  But hold on…some good stuff really did get done during the week.  Next time!

Let’s join with Nina Marie now and see what others are doing creatively!

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Order 4

    1. Yes, I was pretty amazed myself to watch this happening in class. I also just noticed that I omitted a photo of Ginny Guaraldi’s and so I just updated the post to include it. Thanks for the feedback!


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