One Four Challenge, July, Week 3

Already, it’s the third week in July- wow, it’s flying!  Linking up with Robyn’s wonderful blog, Captivate Me, for this challenge.  So much to see there!  Check it out!  I learn so much from these folks!  Well, here’s my edit for this week and an extra for the fun of it.



This week I set out to enhance the colors in the photo.  I began with the original photo and went straight to the Selective Color Sliders in PS3.  First I went to the greens and pushed what little green there is to really stand out. Next, I made the golds golder and the blues bluer. And ever so slightly, I  made the neutrals deeper.  I got brave and painted some shadows into the waves.

Then I couldn’t help myself and I threw it back into PS to see what it would look like with the Cutout filter:

w.3. cutout.


Lot’s of fun!  Thanks for joining me!



13 thoughts on “One Four Challenge, July, Week 3

  1. I really like them both! The cut out filter gives some fabulous results doesn’t it – I think it really appeals to U.S. Textile Artists too 😃
    Love that you’ve pushed the colour and added some shadows. I find this contrasty colour version very appealing. Nice Janis!


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