The Hidden Order 6

The last post on The Hidden Order!  The last assignment for us all was to take a photograph that Elizabeth provided – the same photo for each of us – and  focus on any particular part of it and render a likeness, or rather, an abstraction of it.  I didn’t get pictures of everyone’s, but I only just realized that some of the drawings I already showed you were these renditions but I didn’t realize it until now.  Here’s the photograph we all started with as a reference:

THE PhotgraphAs you can see, it’s a very busy scene, and each of us chose some part of it that attracted us.

This one is Betty Crowell’s that is wonderfully abstracted, so much so that I really

didn’t catch on until I looked much closer!

Betty Crowell's Drawing

    THE Photo.BettyC.

Jeanette Spencer – making those placement decisions as she works .

Jeanette Drawing.




Jeanette's Drawing. web


What I notice most at even a quick glance at them all is that the structure is clear and apparent in each of them. Betty has a backward “L” shape.  Jeanette’s is quite horizontal  Mine is definitely a grid and Heather’s is clearly vertical.

At first, I started out to do a very abstract piece beginning with the drawing and then with fabric but I still haven’t finished this one because I’m experimenting with some organza and ink for it and I will get back to it.

Janis Drawing 2.

Janis wip.

Meanwhile, I started over.  I threw another drawing that I did in class into Photoshop so I could get a better grip on the values before moving on.  Not thrilled with what i did but I did get a finished piece of it done. I’m still thinking about the other one and will return to it.  I have played around some with organza and ink to use for it.  Meanwhile I’m working on another one that I began in this class and you can see my photos in the previous posts.  I’ve begun to dye fabrics for it.  It was glorious weather out there for the last few days out there.
Janis Drawing 1.    Janis Drawing 1.A

THE Photo.Janis.           Wharf.


Heather Hagel, who drove down to this workshop from Guelph, Ontario, a small town outside Toronto.

She was a very diligent and creative  student and I was fortunate to have her right next to me.

Water Heather.       heather drawing.webHeather's wip.

The talented Liz Devlin has a few renditions going on.

Liz' drawings 2.web

Liz Drawing

Now, I’m not positive but I think this drawing, below right, is an abstraction of the one on

the left. And Liz gets a gold star for her value studies!

Headliner    Liz' Drawings. featured image.

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