One Four Challenge July Week 4

It’s already the last week in July, so here’s the last edit for the regular challenge for the summer.  But I’m thinking I will post another extra post in August, which is a review month with the option to post or not.  This is a really good week to check out  the One Four Challenge on Robyn’s blog, Captivate Me,  because all four previous weeks are up for review.

I couldn’t stop cropping my image so here’s a few choice selections for this week!  Which one is your favorite?

Week 4. July. B&W.s.1


Using the original image as a start, I did the usual adjustments and then I used the sliders in Black and White mode to increase and/or decrease the color influences to maximize the contrast. Then I cropped and tweaked levels to allow in more whites; increased the exposure a tad and decreased the offset slightly.

In Black and White mode, tweaked the color levels
Tweaked exposure levels
Tweaked the Shadows and Highlights
Finally, I pushed the contrast /Brightness levels
Tweaked the highlights and shadows again
Embossed and used that as a bottom layer.

4.B.5. S.1

In PS:  Torn Edges, adjusted levels, pushed contrast and applied the Cutout filter and cropped.


Week 4 B.2. s.1

I placed the first edit above as a base layer and the second edit on top of that.   Then applied the Cutout filter again at 6.8.3.,  adjusted brightness and contrast levels and made a final crop.

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6 thoughts on “One Four Challenge July Week 4

  1. I think week 2 has my vote but your edits for week 4 made my mind’s eye imagine all sorts of things. I liked the 3rd one as it felt (to me) like I was looking up from a place far below!


  2. The first image in this post really grabs my attention! Love it. So strong.
    Week 3 remains my fave for the month, but as always I’ve so enjoyed your experiments for the month. The detail and tactile-ness 😜 you’ve brought out is wonderful.
    Great explorations Janis – looking forward to August and your possible review. 😃😃


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