One Four Challenge May 2016 Week 3


Week 3 B&W.2
Week 3

Hi there!

Although this is an old pic I took with an old Sony (I think), I recently picked up a new but used camera – a Pentax that I’ve been practicing with, trying to learn about this new tool. Hopefully I’ll get a bunch of new photos on Cape Cod this week – yay! I can’t wait to get going!  I was planning on going last week but my car sprang a leak and it took awhile to get the right part.  You know when you have an old car they stop making the parts for it so it gets a little tricky finding the right one.  But I should be on the road by tonight.

This was my post edit process for this week:

A. Cropped, B&W, Adjusted Exposure and Shadow/Highlights; Reduced Noise and Smart Sharpened.

B. Duplicated image; applied Curves, Brighten/Contrast and Levels. Reduced Noise and Smart Sharpened.

Copied B and Pasted it over A with 50% opacity.

Applied a Frost Effect in Pic Monkey and added a Photo Cooling Filter.

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3 thoughts on “One Four Challenge May 2016 Week 3

  1. Good to see this in BW Janis and surprisingly the colour is my fave… seems to lend itself more to the image, which surprises me due to the contrast in the image.
    Anyway another good experiment 🙂
    Enjoy your new secondhand camera – hope you’re learning the ropes!


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